DOSA Recipe

It is Indians favorite food

  1. rice
  2. urad dal
  3. baking soda
  4. slat
  5. oil


Soak rice and [1/2 of rice taken] urad dal for 3-5 hours and then grind them into paste leave for few hours [you may make dosa even after half an hour ] but if you leave it for hours taste increases .Now add salt according to your taste and half table baking soda to batter .Now take a pan and heat it now take some batter and make dosa in a round shape let it fry thats it.😉

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I feel many problems will damage our brain but a pet with us that may be cat ,dog or anything else they make us feel relax may be they also help us to escape from our depression but many people does not like to touch them but you keep a caretaker to take care of your pets if not just keep some food to pets and feel them just looking at them later you will feel to pamper them

it will make you feel happy

If once you feed it ,it will die for you

Do you like nature?

I love nature not only trees but also every living thing in nature they make me feel surprise why are we not like those living things example butterfly how different it looks when it is just a caterpillar but later how beautiful it looks with different color’s in same way we should mold according to our heart but think many times before you mold your self because the should satisfy our selves we should not regret for it

next evolution should not make us regrate

knowledge about your self

Never think what others think of your attitude because you need to be your self to lead a satisfied life . I am person to like to be my self , but situation ,society and family pressures will not allow you to be your self . Not only me but many of us face this problem and think like me but unable to be over self’s.

Are you all really happy with your life ? what to do to be your self?